IOS Developer Interview Question

Here are few I Phone application 7 I Pad application development Interview question, Interested guys can sent you interview question to my mail id or comment below

API: Application Program Interface

SDK: Software Development Kit

Copy: during assignment increase retain count by 1

GCD:Grand Central DIspatch It is a low level based API, used for  simple task based concurrency model

NS coding:Protocol that implements on you data class to support encoding & decoding your data into data buffer

ARC: automatic Reference counting it is a compiler feature that provides automatic memory management of objective c  Object

Block: Non-local variable are copied and stores with the block as constant variable ,which means they are read only

Auto Layout:It allows developer to create on adaptive interface that responds appropriately to change the screen size it provides a flexibles &  powerful system that describes powerful system that describes how views and the uicontrol related to each other

Size Classes: It required auto layouts

App Life cycle:
Application Did finish launch options with
Application will resist  active
Application did enter background
Application will enter four ground
Application did become active
Application will terminate

UIviewcontroller LIfeCycle:
-view did load
-view will appear
-view did appear
-view will appear
-view did disappear

Latest version of ios on Xcode
X code 9
IOS  11

JSON - NSJSONSerialization
XML   - NSXMLParser

@interface : used to declare class
@implementation : to define the class
@synthesize: to generate getter and setter automatically from compiler
@protocal: set of methods declarations defining specific purpose
@autorelease pool: is like container that holds the autoreleased object
@dynamic: it is compiler that getter & setter are not implemented by the class but by some other class
EG:Core Data

SIngleTon: It Has a class contains only one instance Passes  a global point of instance

Polymorphism: ability to call base class fnc , to call derived class at the run time

Delegate:A delegate  is a pointer to an object with a set of methods the delegate  method know how to call

Delegate methods for text fields
-TF Should begin editing
-TF did begin editing
-TF should end editing
-TF did end editing

Step involved in submitting apps to apps store
1 Enroll in Program
2 Provision device
3 Create itune record
4 Submit app
5 ship app

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