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FIFA World Cup 2022 : Jack Grealish enjoying Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe's game play

 FIFA World Cup 2022 : Jack Grealish enjoying Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe's game play

FIFA World Cup 2022 : Jack Grealish enjoying Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe's game play

Messi and Mbappe starred in Argentina and France's win against Mexico and Denmark recently and will be critical for their teams going forward.

Speaking to talkSport, Grealish admitted his admiration for the PSG duo and said that he has been watching both stars perform at the tournament in Qatar.

"I watch all the games to be honest," Grealish said. "We have screens all over the place and it's just nice to have games on all day.

"I watched Messi, unbelievable. He just showed what he's about in that second half but then again so did Mbappe.

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Grealish also commented on the biggest threat in the World Cup and went with Brazil. Tite's side got off to a great start against Serbia and the England midfielder said that they're the team who has been the most impressive in the World Cup so far. 

"I think there are lots of brilliant teams, some teams have that one player who's just unstoppable, but I think Brazil have been one of the most impressive I've seen so far. They have so much talent, especially in those attacking areas.

"I think they're, if you're asking me who the biggest threat is, I'd probably say Brazil," said Grealish.

Grealish also commented on the mood in the England camp ahead of the Wales match and said that there has been a big overreaction about Three Lions' performance against the USA. 

"Good. We are in a strong position. Obviously top of the group and it's all in our hands going into the final game.

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"It's weird sometimes playing for the national team because you have one result like that and it's as if it is the end of the world – and it's clearly not.

"I felt like a lot of it was about us. England were this, England were that but at the end of the day, they played very well.

"They was a team that had a lot of energy, very athletic in all the positions, and we have to give them credit for the way they played.

"They changed their tactics up, the way pressed and stuff, from the first game. We know we can play better and we will certainly looking to be doing that going into the second game.

"I think there was a big overreaction. Apart from Spain being the top tournament scorers, we're the top scorers in the tournament. I can't think off the top of my head if anyone has scored more than six.

"Against Iran we were the best thing since sliced bread, scoring six goals, and then we go a game without scoring and there was a bit of an overreaction. But I suppose that it what you get sometimes playing for England," said Grealish.

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