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How Can I earn money from youtube shorts

 Many guys have question How Can i earn money from Youtube shorts videos.

The new feature was introduced in youtube by google, that is youtube shorts video, where we can make video under 60 seconds and upload it on smartphone youtube app and add music to the video.

Can I earn money from youtube shorts

Upload a video or what ever it is, best platform for promoting and easy to reach more audience.

Youtube shorts almost similar to tiktok videos and insta reeels. now youtube shorts is the big competitor for Instagram reels & tiktok, unfortunately tiktok was banned in India, many countries were banned tik tok.

With the help of youtube shorts, youtube channel grow their views and many new youtubers creators were creating new youtube channel for shorts.shou

Creating youtube shorts is very easy, with two to three steps you can easy create a shorts and upload on youtube.

If you are already a Instagram and tik tok users its easier to create a youtube shorts.

Creating Youtube Shorts:

With the help of your smartphone you can create shorts very easily and simple by showing your interest and your skills. In youtube application we have option to upload youtube shorts video.

Earn Money From Youtube Shorts

After launching youtube shorts google was flu dded with new content creators and especial youtube shorts creator, many channels were created for only youtube shorts.

Youtube shorts fund, youtube allotted $100Millions youtube shorts, We feel that it's a huge fund, This is the only way we can make money from youtube shorts.

But there are big Creator were there, who can easiy get funds for them, but small creators has less chances to earn money from youtube short.

Right now google is not displaying any ads on youtube shorts videos, they were planning to introduce more features to youtube shorts.

My last conclusion for this is chances are less to earn money from youtube shorts fund.

Monetize with Affiliate, Products and Sponser.

We though that we can make money from affiliate products or selling own products or sponsors.

Adding Affiliate Links and products links were place in YouTube shorts videos in description box, but viewing the descrion in the yourube shorts were very difficult.

Once got to youtube shorts videos and try find description, you will know how hard is to go to the description and find the products.

Now a day no one will sponsor the youtube shorts videos, because the video leng would be less tahn 60 second, There was no time for sponsor video, There will be less chances to get sponsors.

Do youtube shorts make money

Yes youtube shorts make money chances are very less, in feature youtube many introduce ads on youtube shorts, then we can make more money apart from youtube shorts fund.

But we can make money indirectly by brand promoting, make a video related to your product and ask them to register for webinar. Once they come to your webinar sell them the products with your marketing skills.

We can generate leads from youtube shorts, indirectly can make money from youtube shorts video.

For branding perpose youtube shorts were the best place to reach more audience with their features, to engage more audience and penetrate in to the market. If its is personal branding and products branding.

Before Creating a youtube channel Take any course then start, so you can easily grow your youtube channel. In Udemy You will have free courses. 

If you want to take any course it costs you aroung 500 to 600

Conclusion: We cannot make more money than normal youtube videos, but we short videos can reach audience very fastly.

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