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Start a blog and Make Money from a Blog (guide blogging)

 How to start a blog and make money from a blog, This Is the Guide To Become Blogger

Hello My dear Friends I am bac with new blog post, with this blog  post, I will clearly write an blog post to create blog and earn money from personal blog sites.

To start a blog we need have domain and hosting and blog idea, you have storm your brain to start a blog.

Start a blog and Make Money from a Blog (guide blogging)

My suggestion for you is to star a blog with wordpress platform, I am using wordpress CMS for my blogs.

Choosing Platform To create a blog

Wordpress is the one of the best CMS for creating blogs, With the help of wordpress we can easily create a blog, with a drag and drop and instaling few plugins.

Choosing a Topic for a Blog

To start a blog we need find a niche which was closely related to you. First Know your self, What is your strength.

If you pick a niche on your hobby, go with it your hobby or go with your skill.

If your not interested above things, kindly do some research on niche and pick goog niche start a blog.

Now your are ready with your Niche ?

Name a Blog (Naming Business)

To start a new business you shold have name for a business, for your businesss brand & identity, To start a blog you need Name your blog.

If our niche is CryptoCurrency, I am taking crypto currencty for example, I am not suggesting you to start a blog in crypto currency,I took it for explanation.

If your blog niche is crypto, your blog name would be around related to crypto, oy you can start a blog with your name.

Name Related to Crypto currency domain name should be like this


Do you want to start a blog with you name. It would be like this


Rules You should not add any highfins in your domain name.Never ever create domain name like this.


If your crptoblog.com is your blog name, now we have to find the relates social media.Creating a brand for your blog.

For Example: crptoblog.com

This is the way you have to create your branding, You need to create more branding accounts in socail media to create a network.

Start a Blog

Now we are ready with niche blog name and domain name.

Your niche is cryptoCurrency
Yor Blog name is Cryptoblog.com
We are ready with blogging platform(Selfhosted Wordpress.org).

To start a blog we need buy domain and hosting, you can star a blog with very low cost in feature upgrade it.

Hostinger is the one of the Best, reliable, affortable and cheapest webhosting company to start a blog.

Hostinger Hosting Plans starts from RS 69 Per month with this you will not get domain, For domain am it may cost you RS 828 per year plan, but you need spend more RS 800 to RS1000for Domain.

Start a blog and Make Money from a Blog

My recomendation is take RS 139 per mont plan which comes with 100GB SSD Storage to load your web page very fastly and get free domain & SSL Certification. For hosting one year it may cost you RS:1668.

With this Hostinger Hosting Plans you can create a self hosted wordpress blog on wordpress.org.

You have to decide which one you will go, both the plans comes with almost same price.

You are Just Investing on your features growth.

Now You are ready to start a blog and make money from blog. Even you can earn minimum $1000 per month by working 2 to 3 hours a day.

There were different ways to monetize your blog, after adding 20 to 30 high quality blog post, with highly engagement content. So they will attarct your content and the blog.

Once your blog engaged with audieence you have to create a network and alyways you need to create a communityand engage with them to grow your blog.

I Hope You are ready with your blogging Business, I need you outputs to write more articles on money making.

Hostinger Providing Complete Tutorials To Build A Website From Scratch, Easily You can Create Website.

Just Comment you quereies, So i can write more content on your comments. 


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